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This is the Radarcan®'s Warranty Policy:

• Radarcan® does not warranty a 100% effective shield against the spread of diseases that the insect could be infected.

• Your Radarcan® product is guaranteed against defects in materials and manufacture for the period of time established by legislation in the country and/or state of sale of the product (see warranty.radarcan.com), or for five years if it is registered, from the purchase date. If any defect in the product caused by its manufacture or defective materials appears while under the warranty.

• Radarcan® will only be responsible for the repair or replacement if valid proof of purchase (e.g. paid receipt) is presented which demonstrates that the day of the service claim is within the validity period of the warranty. 

• The warranty does not cover those products and/or parts of products that are subjected to wear and tear that can be considered material that naturally deteriorates over time.

• The warranty is not valid if the defect is due to damage caused by incorrect use of the product or improper maintenance, or if it has been repaired or modified by personnel not authorized by Radarcan®.

• For good performance of the product, the user needs to strictly follow the instructions given in the user’s manual, and to avoid any action or use described as undesirable or contrary to the warnings in said user manual.  

• The warranty of certain products may be subject to restrictions, e.g., depending on the type of material used.

If you want to proceed with the warranty of your Radarcan® device, get in contact with support@radarcan.com to get a (Return Merchandise Authorization).